Quality Pro Maintenance is a high quality service provider

With a working knowledge of joint commission cleaning standards. We stay informed from the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) about any virus or bacteria that might effect our customers and the proper way to clean it. We disinfect all surfaces. We pride ourselves for On time services. We deliver high quality, reliable, consistent, on time cleaning services in Northern California / Bay Area. We stay up to date with the cdc, joint commission information about an virus, bacteria, or disease that could effect our clients. Understanding the strenuous cleaning standards in medical facilities gives us a unique opportunity to help in the decrease the spead of common viruses and bacteria with our clients that work with the public in any way. We belive in preventive measures, this means we disinfect all surfaces. We find this gives much needed peace of mind to our clients. Specially our Medical, Dental, Multi Tenant buildings, Day Care and Food service Facilities. We use proven techniques and technology to reduce the spread viruses, bacteria and diseases.

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