Quality service and customer satisfaction are Quality Pro Maintenance’s primary focus

Our steps to achieve quality include:

  • Listening well and fully understanding our clients needs and expectation
  • Perform regularly scheduled walkthroughs and quality control audits
  • Provide proper training upon hiring as well as throughout the employer/employee relationship
  • Provide our operations staff with walkthrough results and punch list items to act upon
  • On site accountability and supervision

Performance Scorecard

Employees’ performance is closely monitored to assure that service expectations are met or exceeded. Weekly goals, objectives and customer satisfaction meetings are used to measure score. Keeping desired time lines and work schedules also weigh-in.

This system supports frontline employees, promotes efficiency, and aids our operations staff in ensuring our services are operating smoothly.

Employee Recognition

We are especially proud of our quarterly employee recognition program, safety performance incentive program, performance appraisals, and our “Job Well Done!” instant recognition program.

Customer Communications

Frequent communication and customer follow up is a key element of our Quality Management System.

We make it easy to communicate with us, using log books, mobile e-mail, two-way radios and cell phones provided by Quality Pro Maintenance, an account manager is just a call away and always immediately available to handle your service requests.

Another effective way for our customers to have a voice is through our Customer Satisfaction Survey, which we use to measure your quality perceptions of our work. By tracking service responses, we can implement preventive/pro-active measures to further enhance our performance.

What you can expect and count on

  • Your building Maintenance technician will be properly trained, helpful and polite
  • Your technician to be on time ready to work. Not on their phone
  • Your technician to be wearing a clean fresh uniform, wearing a badge, shirts tucked in.
  • To have all equipment needed for the job per our nightly required work schedule
  • One of our most important components of our service. Expect your technician to be Aware. We train our technicians to be aware of potential needs, problems or safely issues that might effect our customers facilities. This is our preventive system. To identify possible signs of infestation, water damage, or saftey issues.